is it worth it, can you even hear me?

updated website

i got rear-ended by a drunken snowmobiler saturday night and my car is slightly fucked up. the sowmobiler is in really bad shape and might die soon.

my dad is in town for a week. whoo-hoo!

"so here i am, alive at last, and i'll savor every moment of this"


go ahead and play dead, i know that you can hear me

Machiavelli - The Prince

in 9th grade i never would've thought that this book would mean so much
i never would've thought it'd have to come to this
i never thought

life stinks, we don't give a fuck son, we crazy

yea, fuck this coldness.

oh, fuckin', i found out today that joyce is going somewhere for like 2 months with no contact. fuck.

sometimes it'd be easier to live life dead.


Up On The Ladder

monster in the tide
trapped in our birth space
one minute; snake charming
next minute; crawling up to you

all the right moves and in the right percent
watch my dogs like a puppet
looking as it's seen a strain

give me an answer
give me a sign
i've been climbing up this ladder
i've been wasting my time

so high
so high
i'm so high
up the ladder
climb to the stars
climb up the ladder
break the fucking stairs
up the ladder

up on the ladder
it's my time to escape
up on the ladder
away from your mistake
up on the ladder
to call out the pain
up on the ladder
you're all the fucking same

oh, you let the people down
you let the people down
you let the people down
oh, you let the people down
you let the people down
you let the people down

kill your god, kill your tv

fuckin', after y2k, there's no point to new years. the world didn't end, what do we do now? uhhh....

tuesday i start at kinleys. the 11th i have a 195$ insurance bill to pay. the 20th i have a 140$ car payment to make. the 27th i have a 70$ cell fone bill to pay. anyone wanna contribute funds to the "ck" charity? all donations are tax deductable and 30c from every 1$ will be sent to a starving ethopian.

derek has the Starry Night by Van Gogh poster. it's right in front of me on the wall. i'm so goddamned jealous. it's a hott piece of art, and my fav van gogh piece. i have it on my 3g upload account for my fone, i can use it as a screensaver. technology is nifty.

blunts anyone?